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Click on page icon to navigate We Visit New Orleans Stacey standing in the sitting room. The sitting room The Block Keller House The sitting room Stacey sits on the front steps. Matt strikes a pose in front of the B&B on beautiful Canal Street. Stacey and Matt and a self-portrait on the steps. Stacey, Mike and Lynn. A wonderful local restaurant in the Mid City neighborhood where our B&B was located. Mike and Lynn in front of our hotel. Waiting for the bus near our B&B. Mike hams it up while we wait for the bus downtown. We couldn't get over the buildings and the ironwork. Everywhere you look, another beautiful old building to photograph. Street performers on Royal Street. Great music abounds. Stacey checks the map at Jackson Square. These "statues" have taken over the world of tourism.  But who's the mystery woman in the background? The family in Jackson Square. An Old friend on Decatur Street. Look at those buildings. Look at that couple! Trying on sunglasses at Walgreens. Who is that masked woman? One of the grand hotels: the hotel Monteleone. I took this shot of our B&B Saturday night on our way to dinner.. Lynn at Liuzza's. Mike at Liuzza's. The gang of three, after dinner at Liuzza's. The gang of three, after dinner at Liuzza's. The gang of three, after dinner at Liuzza's. Taking the bus downtown. That's one tired dog. An Appalachian band complete with washboard. Great! Stacey and Matt in front of the Royal Cafe. Stacey in front of the Royal Cafe. Five bucks gets you some pretty hot music. Put your money down and come on in. Note the horse tie-ups at thecurb. Do you need a bisquit? How long has this sign been there? Five cents??!! Lucky Dog! Peek-a-boo. The best way to see a city. An old mansion, now used as an elite girl's school. A pink beauty. Mike take a picture. Lynn hangs out on her bike. Another beautiful mansion. Coffee break in the Garden District. Waiting for the kids before heading out for dinner. This is it: Preservation Hall.Don't get too excited now. Playing the tuba in Preservation Hall. Day three - Monday....We ride the St. Charles streetcar. Mike poses, Lynn shoots him. Matt and Stacey on the St. Charles line. We loved the streetcar. It's a beautiful way to get around. A sidewalk in the Garden District. A spectacular mansion with wonderful stained-glass windows in abundance. A water meter cover with its own artistic engraving Hanging out on Magazine Street. Downstairs chic stores, upstairs shabby building. A beautiful restaurant on Magazine Street. We loved Magazine Street. Mike and Matt on Magazine. We start to head back to St. Charles to catch the streetcar home. Red girl, red door. Back in town we spied this beautiful sky. A beaufiul sunset and the shops of Decatur Street as we headed back home. Lynn and Mike at Feelings Cafe in the Marigny. Mike and Stacey share a hug at dinner. Stacey bathed in candlelight at the romantic Feelings Cafe. A very pretty Lynn. Feelings in the Marigny. Feelings in the Marigny.