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Harlem Valley Bike Ride

Al and Stef meet us at the trail head in Amenia NY   |   Stacey gets ready to ride   |   Trail Head in Amenia   |   The Trail Head   |   The Trail Head   |   Getting ready   |   Al, riding   |   On the trail   |   Riding through the forest   |   Stef takes a break.   |   We pass a beaver pond   |   Al takes a break   |   Beautiful pastures   |   View from the trail   |   Looking down the trail   |   Stacey and Stef biking through colored leaves   |   A carpet of leaves   |   Al biking through the foliage   |   A view down the trail   |   Stacey and Stephanie take a break   |   The photographer gets photographed   |   Al and Stef on a bridge   |   Just Stacey (and her bike)   |   Stacey   |   Matt on bike   |   Stacey waits for others to catch up   |   Fall scene   |   Tree and field   |   The trail   |   At Cascade Mountain Winery & Restaurant   |   Al   |   Al   |   P1010051   |   Goodbye   |   Good bye Al!   |   Heading home