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Boyz Night Out - January 15, 2003     |     home
May I have one more?   ·   They're called Le Tegelle, basically it's a ham and cheese on a mini english muffin.   ·   Lonnie poses. Bob kvells. Cary davins.   ·   I stuck a piece of lox on his Tegelle....wait till you see his exprssion when he bites into it.   ·   There are some very pretty girls standing by the door.   ·   They've been friends such a long time.   ·   So then she removed every vestige of her clothing. Now let us pray.   ·   Lonnie shows us his new electronic, hi-tech sideburn display.   ·   Jay, I have removed a part of your Tigelle. Hope this doesn't affect your, ahem,  prowess.   ·   Happy birthday dear Stu, happy birthday to you.   ·   The Boyz gather for a group shot. Russian Restaurant is planned for April 5, 2003.   ·   Cary's birthday cake.