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A Bike Ride across Brooklyn, September 16, 2001

Swans in Sheepshead Bay   |   Stacey at Sheepshead Bay with swans   |   Heading up Bedford Avenue in Sheepshead Bay   |   On Bedford Avenue at Brooklyn College   |    Taking a break on Bedford Avenue at Brooklyn College   |   Ebingers - the original store in Flatbush   |   Erasmus Hall HS   |   Beautiful houses on Lincoln Place in Prospect Lefferts Gardens   |   Sears Roebuck Building   |   Sears Roebuck Building on Bedford Avenue   |   Wall decoration in Crown Hts - Marcus Garvey and other heroes   |   Statue to US Grant at Bedford Avenue and Bergen Street   |   Statue to US Grant on Bedford Avenue   |   Statue to US Grant on Bedford Avenue commemorated 1896   |   Armory on Bedford and Eastern Parkway   |   Biking through Williamsburgh Brooklyn - The Hassidic community   |   Williamsburgh Brooklyn - The Hassidic community   |   Hassidic restaurant in Williamsburgh   |   Stacey in Williamsburgh   |   Williamsburg Bridge   |   Brunch in Williamsburg - N4 & Bedford Ave   |   The New Williamsburg   |   Brunch in Williamsburg - The Gray Parrot   |   A firehouse in Manhattan.   |   Letter from school children.   |   Stacey at the memorial to fireman.   |   The Tenement Museum - a mural.   |   The Tenement Museum   |   Stacey