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Trip To Arlington     |     NY Bicyclist home
Trip To Arlington
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Hanging at home.

TheTorpedo Factory galleries.

Brian, waiting. He wasn't talking much that day.

Matt: I'll keep a leg out for ya/


Pictures at an exhibition.

Our dear friends Brian and Ellen.


Ellen and Brian help Greg wrap or are they helping him rap??

The what???!!!
Stacey, in kitchen.

At the gallery.

Colorful dudes.

Aye, it's a beautiful building.

Three willd and crazy guys.


Back at the gallery to make a final selection...can't say for what or whom.

Think they've put enough tape
on this?

Stacey and Ellen.

Looking for a gift.

At the City Museum, an exhibit on the history of Wash DC.

We reflect upon ourselves.

This is where Stacey goes in.

Back home again.

Beautiful Stacey.

Ellen checks her watch.